Our commitments

We really want to thank you for your loyalty. Each of your orders contributes indeed to help supporting the fair-trade industry and organic agriculture. Because we are convinced that the best medication lies in our plate, we are willing to contribute to a better alimentation and a more sustainable world. Our goal is to provide you with alternatives for healthy and balanced meals elaborated from quality and eco-friendly products in order to offer you homemade meals at a reasonable price.

When coming to our place, you also help us to respect the following commitments :

An organic and sustainable food :

We keep up our efforts to offer you as much eco-friendly products as possible.

Slow Food Week

Kamilou also takes part to the Slow Food action (http://www.gouterbruxelles.be) and offers an adapted menu during the Slow Food Week. By this way, Kamilou committed himself to respect the buying guide. Slow Food is good, clean and fair food. We believe that the food we eat should taste good; that it should be produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health; and that food producers should receive fair compensation for their work.

RABAD (Network of Brussels players in sustainable food)

Kamilou is a member of RABAD (www.rabad.be) and participates to promote a sustainable alimentation with about 40 other member organizations (farmers, distributors, restaurants and NGO’s).

A company socially involved

Kamilou falls within an approach of social economy helping people with problems of integration into the workforce by training them to HORECA’s jobs. We also regularly work in collaboration with local employment centers which help us in our search for staff and internes.

In 2010, we took part in the project « Emergence Ixelles ». This project aimed to help young Ixellois to integrate the workforce. In this context, we trained 2 interns during several months.

A company ecologically responsible :

We try to keep packaging wastes to a minimum :

  • Milk is served to demand and in reusable containers rather than in individual packaging.
  • We prefer using drinks in recyclable bottles rather than cans.
  • Sandwiches ordered for big groups and to be delivered are served on reusable plates.
  • We chose to work with biodegradable and recyclable containers for the take away orders.

And of course we sort out our wastes. And we also compost them when possible. To give you an example, the cafeteria at Mundo B compost more than 30kg waste within 3 days.

More of that, we use as much as possible ecological household products.